Think Cyprus...

From the sapphire blue of the sky and the sea, to the amethyst green of wild vegetation and forests in the hills and mountains, the Mediterranean island of Cyprus is a treasure chest of natural, historical and cultural gems, waiting to be discovered.

Whether your first visit is for business or pleasure, it is unlikely to be your last. Business travellers return with their families for a holiday, and holidaymakers return to make this safe and sunny destination their second home.

That’s because Cyprus offers you a lifestyle that is healthy and balanced. The mild climate makes it easy to enjoy outdoor recreation. Abundant local produce is the basis of nutritious and delicious food. Excellent telecommunications and professional services facilitate your business activities, while educational institutions and health care services provide all you need for your family in a safe environment.

As a member of the European Union, the Mediterranean island of Cyprus is a bridge between East and West, in every sense of the word.

Invest and enjoy a beautiful and balanced Mediterranean lifestyle

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